Key Stage 3

How do my subjects relate to different careers?

Students in Key Stage 3 are on the start of their career journey. It is always important to understand how different subjects relate to careers. Here are some examples:

  • English – Teaching, Law, Journalism, Media.
  • Maths – Engineering, Business, Banking, Accountancy.
  • Science – Medicine, Forensics, Engineering, Research.
  • Business – Marketing, Human Resources, Management, Sales.
  • Geography – Planning, Travel, Geologist, Environmental.
  • History – Politics, Law, Archaeology, Heritage.
  • Technology – Product Design, Engineering, CAD, Manufacturing.
  • Health & Social Care – Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work, Teaching.
  • ICT – Programming, Coding, ICT Technician, Games Developer.
  • Sport – PE Teaching, Coaching, Sport Development, Sports Professional.
  • Performing Arts – Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director.
  • Art – Artist, Architecture, Fashion, Designer. 
  • Construction – General Operative, Plumber, Quantity Surveyor, Architect.

Other sources of help and advice

The National Career Service has information on over 750 jobs showing you what skills and qualifications you need.

There's useful information on the National Curriculum at Key Stage 4 in GOV.UK's Guide to the National Curriculum

Careers Box is a free online library of careers related films, information and news. The case study films show real people doing real jobs to give you an idea of what a job is really like.

ICould has over a thousand career videos as well as games and lots of information. In the career stories people talk about what they do, what it’s like, how they got there and their hopes for the future.

Plotr is a free website where you can explore career worlds, view employer profiles, browse opportunities in your local area, and find careers advice on all sorts of topics from choosing your GCSEs to what not to wear at a job interview

If you're stuck for career ideas you might like to try Kudos where you can answer questions about your interests to come up with some career suggestions. Just remember, Kudos isn't telling you what to do, it's there to help give you some ideas. Please come and see the Careers Department if you would like to use this tool.