Keeping Young People Safe

At Madeley Academy, we place the highest priority on safeguarding children and promoting welfare.

To ensure all students are safe we work in conjunction with our partnership agencies and we seek the support of all staff, parents, visitors and members of the community in supporting our safeguarding procedures.

Awareness raising activities and workshops are run during the school year to support students understanding and management of potentially unsafe or concerning situations including bullying, Internet safety, domestic violence and many more.

The Academy recognises the difficulties facing young people and families in today’s society and are committed to offering equal opportunities and support to all of our students.

Support, mentoring schemes and counselling is made available to equip young people with the required tools to make the right decisions and develop independence when keeping themselves safe and knowing how to access help.

Being safe is also about teaching youngsters to make the right decisions as they develop independence and start to go out on their own or, to be home alone.

Online Safety

At Madeley Academy recognises that modern technology is an intrinsic part of modern-day life and our students use ICT extensively both in school and out of it. However along with the opportunities that ICT offers it also brings with it problems and risks that all students need to be aware of.

E-safety has a very high priority in The Madeley Academy and all students receive advice and guidance appropriate to their age and ‘e-awareness’. As well as learning about e-safety in their ICT lessons, students get more targeted input during assemblies and tutor time. Useful websites and additional resources are also provided on this page. thinkuknow image

E-Safety and Cyberbullying Advice Websites.

Think U Know

Childnet International

Digizen Film about CyberBullying


Website run by CEOP

Childnet International Internet Safety Advice

Resources to help address the issue of Cyberbullying

Child Safety Organisation

Additional Resources


Madeley Academy E-Safety Policy

Home Office Parents Guide

Chat Guide

WMNet Leaflet

Bullying Information

Facebook Awareness

Fact Sheet - Sexting

TWSCB Briefing on Online Apps

A guide for parents of children and young people who have got in trouble online

Madeley Academy E-Safety Policy

Keeping your child safe on the internet.

A guide for parents on how to keep children safe online and on mobiles.

Practical advice for parents

Bullying Information for Secondary Students

General Safety Guide

Fact sheet for parents on sexting

briefing notes on Online Apps that children and young people are regularly accessing

A guide for parents of children and young people who have got in trouble online